The Importance of Crossing Midline

by Danielle Carter, MS OTR/L            What is crossing the midline?  Pretend there is an imaginary line that divides the left and right side of the body from top (head) to bottom (feet).  Crossing the midline is when we reach across this imaginary line, with arms... read more

Is it Sensory or is it Behavior?

by Danielle Carter, MS OTR/L All children, no matter their age will demonstrate behaviors that warrant correcting.  Sometimes behavioral approaches (setting clear cut rules and expectations, allowing for natural consequences, and implementing discipline) work well. ... read more

Does My Child Need Occupational Therapy?

  by Danielle Carter, MS OTR/L Occupational therapists (OTs) are trained to help children gain the skills needed to be successful across community environments such as home, school, daycare, and the playground.  OTs help children who are showing difficulty... read more

Summer Fun

by Danielle Carter, MS OTR/L The summer months often take us outdoors and away from our traditional therapy home programs.  There are many ways to work on Occupational Therapy goals in easy, fun, and functional ways as your child naturally explores his/her... read more

Special Super Heroes

by Marlene Schoenberg Ed. M, CCC-SLP   I have worked with a 5 year old boy with Apraxia for 3 years.  Each new sound took a long time to develop but the /k/ remained elusive.  The ASHA Leader toothbrush cover  (May 2018) sparked an “aha moment” for... read more

Outdoor summer fun

Summer is a wonderful time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air with your children. Making “sidewalk paint” is a fun activity to do together that encourages using language and creativity.

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A new R program for your practice!

When I was in Columbus, Ohio, recently, I had a delightful opportunity to meet with speech language pathologist, Nancy Gerantino, the author of “R Made Simple”.

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It’s all about the Box!

I am looking at the packaging of the Lala Paloosa Ponies Carosel 3. 3 times I wanted to throw it out. 3 times I looked at its intricate details. Then I watched the enjoyment of some 5 year old clients playing with it. Kids find great play value in it. It was probably designed for that. The kids know it right away but an adult has to think twice.

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Lip Notes in Artic Therapy and Carryover

I have a fantastic new idea for reinforcing the /w/ sound production. I work with several three -year- olds with apraxia and language delays. Both children can produce more complex sounds such as /sh/ and /s/ but they omit /w/. When I was shopping for office supplies at Staples, I noticed some 3M Post-Its™ in the shape of puckered lips.

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My family has used Kidspeak for two years now. Amy and her whole team have been incredible! We’ve worked with several speech therapists and each therapist has been great. Amy was also very helpful and patient working with us and our insurance company to get therapy approved. I can’t say enough good things about Amy, her staff, and how she has helped my daughter.

Scott M.

New Brighton

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