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When you call Kidspeak (763-416-9313), many times you will reach our answering service. That is because we are out doing what we love, providing speech and occupational therapy! Your call will be returned within 24 hours by one of our warm and friendly therapists who will guide you through the intake process. You will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and learn all the ways in which we can provide speech and occupational therapy services to your child.

If we feel an evaluation or therapy is recommended, our speech or occupational therapist will guide you through the intake paperwork process. Kidspeak’s initial paperwork can be found on our website and either returned via email ( or fax (763-416-4530).

It is also appreciated that you email, fax, or give the therapist at the initial evaluation any paperwork (i.e. IEPs, evaluation, progress reports etc.) that you may have for your child from other facilities. Once all the necessary paperwork is returned, a speech and/or occupational therapy evaluation will be scheduled.

The initial appointment typically takes place in your home and will begin with a brief consultation with the treating speech or occupational therapist. This provides you an opportunity to express concerns and ask questions about your child’s development, our process, and what you can expect from speech and occupational therapy. Following this meeting, the therapist will begin the evaluation process which includes standardized assessments and clinical observation of your child. We want your child to be comfortable and have fun! Our speech and occupational therapists use games, toys and other activities to engage your child during the evaluation. An evaluation typically takes 1-2 one hour sessions for the therapist to complete. At that time, the speech or occupational therapist will make recommendations. You will also receive a copy of the evaluation report. 

If speech or occupational therapy is recommended, ongoing appointments will be scheduled at the conclusion of the evaluation. We provide our speech and occupational therapy at home, at daycare, or in schools throughout the 10 county Twin Cities Metro area. In-home occupational and speech therapy is not only convenient for families, it is also the ideal environment for children to explore, learn, and practice their newly acquired skills.

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