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At Kidspeak, our pediatric occupational therapists evaluate and treat a wide variety of gross and fine motor skills, cognitive skills and executive functioning, feeding difficulties, functional vision skills, sensory processing, self-help skills, play, and social skill development. Occupational therapy promotes independence in “occupations”, or everyday activities, for individuals across the lifespan. For children, their “occupation” is considered to be play, and for school-age children and teens, their “occupation” and the focus of occupational therapy is often academic, social, and emotional. 

Occupational therapists play an important role in helping children participate in the meaningful activities of daily life. Our occupational therapy services are designed to increase each child’s confidence and ability to participate in play, learning, daily routines, and self-help skills. Our experienced therapists provide OT services in home where each session is directly related to improving a child’s skills so they can engage with their environment, whether that is a home playroom or a high school classroom.


The main “occupation” of childhood is play. Yet, many children who experience difficulties or delays in gross motor development, fine motor coordination and manual control, sensory processing and modulation, self-regulation, and self-help skills may encounter disruptions of the their success or independence in play or school.


One of our occupational therapist team members will complete an initial occupational therapy evaluation to assess the child’s skills, functional limitations, and impairments. Occupational therapy evaluations typically consist of a variety of hands-on activities, observation, parent rating scales, and parent and client interview. The results of the evaluation will be used to develop an individualized treatment program with meaningful goals. Parents and caregivers are an important part of the team and provide valuable information about a child’s skills and areas of need. Parents also play a vital role in supporting their child’s progress through home-practice programs.


Occupational therapy at home will target each child’s specific goals using their natural environment as the foundation for skill development. Through a thoughtful combination of parent coaching, child-directed activities, and evidence-based therapy, OT services will reduce the barriers and help each child build confidence and their sense of accomplishment.

At Kidspeak, we believe that therapy should be engaging and fun, because children learn best when they are motivated. Our occupational therapists have years of experience in ensuring the therapy process is enjoyable for kids. During each occupational therapy session, we strategically present children with challenging tasks to expand on their motor skills, sensory experience, and emotions, all within the child’s world of play.

Each occupational therapy session will also involve parent coaching, empowering  parents with the skills to support their child’s development and help their child thrive. Home practice programs will be designed to ensure progress is made between occupational therapy sessions.


Our Pediatric Occupational Therapists specialize in:

• Gross motor skills and development
– Motor planning and praxis
– Bilateral coordination
– Right/Left discrimination
– Ball skills and hand-eye coordination

• Fine motor coordination and manual control
– Handwriting
– Visual-motor Integration
– Overall strength and hand development
– In-hand manipulation and translation skills

• Sensory Processing and Modulation
– Body awareness/position in space
– Sensory defensiveness or avoidance
– Sensory seeking
– Attention and organizational abilities
– Multisensory processing

• Self-regulation
– Calming/arousing tools
– Promoting self-awareness of arousal level
– Frustration tolerance
– Behavior management

• Self-help skills
– Dressing
– Feeding difficulties (related to texture, temperature, etc.)
– Hygiene
– Toileting

• Play and Social skills development

Our Occupational Therapists have training in, but not limited to the following therapy techniques:

• “Handwriting Without Tears®” Interventions
• Therapeutic Listening™
• Vision Therapy
• “S.O.S.” Feeding and Other Feeding Approaches
• Interactive Metronome®
• MNRI (Masgatova Neurodevelopmental Reflex Integration)
• Sensory Integration

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Kidspeak is an incredible company! They provide wonderful, needed services to children who need some extra help developing to their full potential, and all in the comfort of your own home!

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